student handbook


We deliver courses that match best practice recommendations in both education and animal care and we pride ourselves on the quality of our learning resources, course content and our graduate students level of knowledge and confidence. 

To ensure that we are delivering a high standard of education at all time, our policies and procedures, forms, handbooks and resources may be reviewed or updated throughout a student’s enrolment. The latest versions will always be issued to students when their next folder is sent, and for forms and handbooks, downloadable from the Help Box or obtainable from Student Assist.

Students may be required to update their learning resources if they extend for any subjects where they have already received the LG but not yet commenced studying. There is a small fee for reprinting.

Students will be alerted via student email or newsletter of any changes that affect them as a student. It is vital students check their student email account regularly to not miss out on any important communications from us.

Every five or so years, the training packages are reviewed and updated to be in line with current industry expectations. When a new training package is released, there is a 12 month “teach out” period where all students must complete their studies in that qualification, either through graduation or by obtaining as many units as possible. In some instances, students can transition to the new version of the course, however fees may apply.

If students are affected by a training package change during their enrolment we will notify them as soon as practically possible of the change and any information pertinent to their enrolment.