student handbook


All students must complete an LLN assessment as part of the induction process, prior to training commencing. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure students are prepared for study at the qualification level they are enrolled in.

The Language, Literacy & Numeracy Assessment looks at the 5 domains of LLN and assigns a score against set benchmarks as per the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). These 5 domains are Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication & Numeracy. There are minimum levels students must meet to be allowed to commence training, depending on the qualification. For each level, students are assigned either “exit level” which means they are proficient at that level, or “working level” which means they are close to meeting proficiency at that level and will likely reach it with training through the course.

If the assessment determines that the student's LLN level is below that which the course requires, we will review the results with the student and options available. This may be undertaking some supplemental training that we provide and then retaking the LLN assessment, or we may advise that the student seeks outside support or training first and put the enrolment on hold with us until this is completed. In the very rare instance that the student's LLN skills are quite below the course requirements, we reserve the right to refuse the course enrolment. In this instance, a full refund of course fees paid will occur.

Students that have or may potentially have language, literacy and/or numeracy concerns who may require flexible learning or course delivery options are advised to discuss their needs with us before enrolment or commencing study. Our staff will accommodate your needs where we can, but we may suggest external LLN support to help you be successful in your studies. In some instances, we may not be the best fit for you and your learning needs.

Additional Support

There are many external resources available to assist all students with improving their LLN skills.

Local adult learning centres are often a good resource for improving your computer skills.

Australian Council for Adult Literacy

Queensland Council for Adult Literacy

Reading Writing Hotline:  1300 655 506 offers free English language skills including writing skills