student handbook


If you have completed units of competency elsewhere relevant to your course, we will apply these credit transfers to your course.

You will not be required to pay for enrolment in these units. Despite credits being granted, you may still need to complete study in associated areas as some subjects may cover multiple units, and you may not hold credits for all of them.

It’s vital you supply us with a copy of your transcript as part of your application. This will allow us to give you an accurate price and tell you exactly what units and subjects you’ll need to complete.

To gain credit transfers from previous study, you must send in a copy of your transcript and a credit transfer application form giving the RTO permission to verify the units of competency and results. Credit Transfers cannot apply until this has occurred.

In order for credits to be valid, the training package must list the unit of competency as a direct equivalent to an existing, current unit that is in the course we deliver.

If you are unsure or need advice, contact Student Assist.