Resubmissions allow you a chance to demonstrate your skill and/or knowledge further before we make a final decision on your competency.

In competency based training, you can't be partially right - that's not competent. You need to have answered all questions fully and correct - ie 100%. This is why we give you TWO attempts at all assessments.

Competency based courses are very different to school and university assessing processes where you may only need to obtain a 50% pass mark. 

Resubmissions should not be taken as a fail - instead look at them as an opportunity to learn more. The more you learn, the better vet nurse or animal carer you will be and this is only a good thing! Both for you, and the animals you will be caring for. Resubmissions are all part of the learning process.

In most assessments that require resubmission, it is not that you have not shown an understanding, but that there is not enough detail to fully show your understanding where we can mark you off as competent.

Sometimes, we may offer a third attempt (a reattempt). This may be to adjust a minor point, in which case it's free, or sometimes to adjust a few points, in which case a fee applies. Check the feedback for more details. This is a cheaper option than reenrolment.


Resubmission changes must be in blue, and third attempts in red. You should just make edits to your existing assessment, you do not need to redo the entire assessment. 

If you do not follow the formatting rules for changing text colour, we may return your assessment to you for correction before marking it.


If you do need to resubmit (second attempt), read the Nurse Educator feedback carefully. If you are unsure of what else needs to be discussed in your assessment, please contact Student Assist for help BEFORE you resubmit your work.

On your feedback, your Educator will provide comments to help guide you in the right direction and may include some extra information to aid your learning.

If you are unsure of what the assessor is asking of you or the feedback is unclear, please get in touch with Student Assist for further clarification before uploading your resubmission.



  • Read the feedback carefully and review your learning materials before adjusting your assessment.
  • Contact Student Assist if you do not understand what is required of you.
  • Make sure you have changed your additional or changed text to blue or red as appropriate.


  • Get disheartened - remember you are learning and resubmissions are part of this process.
  • Guess the answer - if you don't understand, contact us. We are here to help.